Skills and Experience

Delivering customer-led solutions, focusing on productivity and security. Skills required include Use Case Object Oriented design, UML, Critical path Project Planning, and adapting to technologies.

Development Process CodeCoop, SVN, Mercurial, Git; SalesForce, Eventum
IDEs MS Visual Studio, Xcode, Netbeans, AVR, Kiel
Languages C, C++, Obj-C, Java, Python, XHTML and CSS, PHP
Libraries Platform SDKs, STL, Qt, DCMTK, Boost, NumRec, MFC, OpenGL, VTK, Dcm4chee, ChilkatSFTP, XMPPFramework
Database SQLite, MSSQL, ODBC
Encryption AES, TEA, SHA1 + Salt
Medical Imaging DICOM, SR, PACS, Compression, CE marking and MDD

Project Spotlight

An overview of a few of the successfully completed and ongoing projects, to give an idea of the extent of experience that can be drawn on. For further information or a free quotation, use our contact form.

Dental CT View

Dental CT View Development of content delivery system, for the preview of CT scans for dentists. Images are prepared centrally, packaged by the service provider and delivered via SFTP to an iOS app. System design criteria were for a simplified, streamlined system providing customer ease-of-use and security of sensitive patient information


Gazette Demo WYSIWYG editor for radiology reports based on DICOM SR. Presents an intuitive UI maintaining compatibility with the industry standard DICOM Structured Report definitions. Emphasis on the user experience for the production of reports quickly and accurately through extensive interconnectivity options and understanding of clinical workflows. Platform neutral code and libraries for multiple system support. In depth experience of DCMTK SR and Qt UI libraries.

Scan Uploader

Java-based system to allows users to upload a DICOM CT scan dataset to a centralised PACS on a secure server, with optional compression for improved upload speed. Project included the contraction of three independent legacy applications into a single executable for improved code maintenance.

Gait Analysis Report Tool

Development of a graphic based tool allowing analysis of walking gait impediments through a standardised process. Significant client interaction required for development of prototype and intermediate code within a strict budget.

3D RF Tracker

Proof-of-concept system to show the feasibility of tracking a open-band MHz range device using phase-offset detection. Required integration of ADC boards for data capture, development of a lateration solving engine using an optimisation algorithm, and rapid-prototyping of a 3D display.

Opthalmic Customer Management System

Development of an SQL database back end, with integrated image storage for the import of scanned forms. Main goals were to fulfill a smooth workflow within an existing protocol, whilst incorporating legacy database information.

CANbus Bootloader

Integrated system to allow the delivery of binary firmware to an embedded device. Development of PC-based utilities to identify and separate code blocks, encrypt into a distribution package. Components for transmission via a USB/serial CANbus converter, and reconstitute on the embedded device, including features for handshake initialisation, error detection and confirmation.