Gazette Users and Roles


Gazette is designed with the different roles of different users in mind.

Gazette IconReader
Readers are allowed only "read only" access to reports. They can open, view, print and export reports, but they cannot edit or change them.
Gazette assumes this role level when there is no user logged in, or if the program is being run without a licence.
Bee IconTechnician
Radiographer or Secretarial role, responsible for tasks such as the creation of initial reports, the bulk of the typing of the report, printing and delivery of the report.
Fox IconDentist
Performs the bulk of image interpretation and defines the findings in the report
Owl IconConsultant
Ultimately responsible for the final report, report structure, and diagnostic guidance
Bear IconEngineer
Special role for an IT specialist, responsible for the setup and maintenance of the software system.

Gazette only allows key document actions to be performed depending on the role a user is assigned - e.g. only a user that has the role of Consultant may Verify a report.

The roles are hierarchical - a Consultant is able to perform the tasks of a Dentist, whereas a Technician may not. Engineers are able to do anything.

After an initial installation a default account is created at Engineer level, with the name "Engineer" and an empty password. The user is initially logged in with Engineer privileges, allowing the Gazette to be used like any normal application.

However, to take full advantage of DICOM SR features such as Report Signing - a key requirement for audit accountability, different users of Gazette should be set up, and each assigned one of the above roles.

Set Up Different Users

Gazette provides a User Login system, so that in centres where a strict conformance to protocol is followed, an organised system can be put in place. However careful consideration should be used when assigning roles, so that workflows are not interrupted, and passwords are not shared simply for convenience (in this case, Users should simply be given a higher level Role).

Only users with Consultant or Engineer level can edit Users (except when a User edits their own account).

The Automatic Login option can be used for convenience, but should NOT be used on an insecure system, since no password check is made when the application starts.


The login system provided by the current version of Gazette is designed only for the purposes of basic report signing and preparation within a controlled protocol. Gazette cannot control access to the report files within the computer system itself. Such protection can only be provided by your computer system.

Logging In

Once User names are set up, each individual user of a system may log in when they start working on with the programme

Only one user can be logged in at a time.

You should log out or close the programme once you are finished using it.