Setting Up

Gazette incorporates powerful tools for integration with other IT systems. When correctly administered, these can provide significant improvements in efficiency.

Set Up Code Schemes

All the sections titles in a DICOM SR document use unambiguously-defined coded entry values. You can define your own private code schemes if you want to customise the sections in your reports. Details on how to do this can be found in the Config/CodeSchemes folder in the ReadMe.rtf file. This is an advanced operation. Please contact Vaquita for more help.

Set Up Database Import

Database Import can be set up to deliver text semi-automatically directly into a report. Different sets of data can be organised into named "Data Groups", which can be imported independently.

The Database connection needs to be set up by an IT engineer who has a good understanding of database systems and knowledge of the particular database. They can find guidance in Config/Database/ReadMe.rtf