Gazette is a desktop application with a intuitive text editor front-end and image annotation tools, to use alongside your preferred clinical image viewing platform. Carefully designed workflow tools streamline your report writing sessions.

Internally though, it complies to the requirements of best practice DICOM SR standard, enabling integration of best practice quality standards compliance into your daily clinical routine.

DICOM SR has been developed by leading experts in the field, to provide all the best practice requirements for reporting medical image studies. Traceability, accountability and use of unambiguous Code Schemes all provide a secure and compliant path towards improved patient care.


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Reporting studies in Gazette is based on templates. Using templates ensures consistent and comprehensive presentation of reports, which are more easily interpreted by referring contemporaries and makes report creation faster.


When a report is to be prepared, you should open Gazette, and create a new report based on the appropriate template, at the same time as the image dataset is being studied. Gazette is designed to simplify workflow. The template Notes window can guide the reporting process, and accelerates composition by providing commonly used phrases and sections relevant to the study.


Images can be imported, then adjusted, and annotations added, to help illustrate findings detailed in the text.

Users and Audit

To allow your organisation maximum compliance, you can choose to use Gazette's multi-level user login feature. This extends certain privileges to different user roles so, for example, the bulk of the report may be dictated and completed as usual, at a later time, by a different person.

Once complete, the Report can be marked as such, Verified by a Consultant, and marked as Finalised, in line with the audit system.


Reports are saved on disk in standard DICOM format, and can be printed or exported as required for your current clinical working practices.