Event Generator Help


The Event Generator PlugIn allows you to define simple explicit events in two different ways - using thresholds of a particular variable, and as percentage times between existing pairs of events. As you define the event types, these are built up into a list.

When the PlugIn runs, it generates the events in the order defined in the list, so you can define events which are based on events which have already been generated.

You can build up a large number of "construction" events in this way, just to reach an event time or period you are interested in. A second pipeline process is provided by the PlugIn to remove all such non-standard events.

Threshold Events

You can define a threshold value for a variable which exists in a motion trial, and the PlugIn will generate events when the variable crosses that threshold.

Threshold events are useful for simple marker movements where the markers pass a known position - for example in ergonomic reaching tests. They can also be used for zero detection of derived variables such as joint power curves, in order to define the different periods of energy generation and absorbtion.

For more details see the Threshold Dialog help page.

Percent Events

You can specify events to be created in between existing pairs of events. A new event will be created at a certain percentage time between two events, each time they are found in the trial.

These events are mainly useful for dividing periods between exisiting events into explicit portions, and can be used to provide a better defined search period for the the Parameter Calculator PlugIn or for the search period for the Threshold event detection.

For more details see the Percent Dialog help page.

Event Order

The events that you create may depend on each other, so you can define the order in which the events are generated. The event order is controlled in the main Event List dialog, which is the main settings dialog for the PlugIn.

Event Removal

The EventGenerator PlugIn provides a second process in the Workstation pipeline, which allows the removal of "non-standard" events. When you select this option, all events, apart from the usual "Foot Strike" and "Foot Off" events are removed from the trial.

This event removal process is useful when you need to use several different events just to specify a specific region of the motion for analysis. Large numbers of these events in the time line can become confusing.

Currently there are no further options for this process.