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The ApplicationLinker PlugIn allows you to call an external program from within the Vicon Pipeline, just as if you were using an MSDOS window :-

Working Folder

You can specify the directory you want to run your programme from, just like using "cd" from the DOS prompt. Click the button if you want to browse for the folder.

When the ApplicationLinker is finished, it automatically puts the "current directory" back to what it was before, so that Workstation and other PlugIns do not get confused.

Programme to Execute

Specify the program you want. You can type anything here that you could run from a normal DOS command line. It could be a BAT file for example. If the program is on the system path (i.e. its folder is listed in the PATH environment variable) you only need to type the name of the program.

Command Parameters

Add here any parameters you want to pass to the program - that is the text you would normally type at the DOS prompt after the program name.

Most often you will want to specify here the name of the file which you want the program to work on, and possibly the name of the output file for the program.

If you have set up your files or directories which spaces in the names, then many programs will be confused by this and interpret the parameter you have passed as separate parameters. In this case you should tick the "Put quotes..." box, which will put quotes around each string in the Parameters list. Otherwise, you can just put in the quotes yourself.

Keyword Tokens

You can enter special Keyword Tokens into any of the above three text boxes, and the PlugIn will replace the Token with text which is specific for the trial. Each token must appear inside square brackets, without spaces. The names are not case sensitive. The recognised tokens are :-


This will be replaced by the full path of the folder in which the trial files are located.


The base name of the trial will be inserted, but without any path or extension.


This specifies the full path and name of the associated c3d file for the trial for which the pipeline is being run.


This inserts the file path and name of the CSV file which is normally generated by the ASCII export PlugIn.


You can specify the C3D file yourself by using


Use a temporary directory inside the normal trial directory


Running Matlab

This can be run from within the pipeline by using an intermediate batch file which sets up files needed by Matlab, that doesn't normally accept command line parameters. More details.

Have a game of Pinball in the middle of processing each trial - just type "pinball" in the Programme text box...!

First Aid

As for any Vicon plug-in, if you think there was a problem in processing your trial, check the processing log (in the View menu) to get feedback from the plug-in.

You may see a WARNING message, which may give you a clue as to why something is not working as you expect. The PlugIn continues to try and run after issuing such a warning.

If you see an ERROR message, the program will have had some problem from which it cannot recover, and it will give up.

No Help

First, is the help file (which must be called ApplicationLinkerHelp.html ) in a folder called ApplicationLinker, inside the Vicon PlugIns folder (this does not have to be Vicon/PlugIns) ? That's where the PlugIn looks for the file. You should get an error message telling you that it can't find the file, and where it should be. If the help file is missing, you can copy it into the required folder from the original installation.